Personalizing Envelopes

Personalizing envelopes already formatted: technology used in digital, black / white or color print. You can also customize the envelopes with the window. The digital envelope customization is recommended for a simple graphic design such as the logo + text sender's address. The minimal print run condition for digital envelope customization is eliminated.

The envelope customization term is 2-4 days depending on the stock and the size of the order you want. For envelope orders made from scratch, the term will be communicated when the order is released (generally delivery will be in 5-7 business days).

For more details and PRICE LIST Envelopes customization, you can visit:

Customize envelope sizes

Customizing envelopes can be done for all standard formats. In the case of printed envelopes, the gamut of formats can be enlarged according to the requirements of graphic creation.

Personalization of envelopes can also be done with variable data or images, mainly for commercial communications. Customized envelopes can be printed with any variable data useful for your current business.

Customize envelopes useful information

For the right choice of envelopes you need you must to keep in mind the following:

  1. the size of inserts (the envelope must be at least 1 cm longer and ½ cm taller than the materials that will be inserted into it). Bellows may be needed in the case of a brochure with a larger number of pages;
  2. envelope distribution mode;
  3. envelope closure modality, gum, self-adhesive or silicone;
  4. opening envelopes (mailing envelopes with automatic insertion have the opening on the large side and the envelopes for documents on the small side);
  5. what you want to be printed on the envelope, so you can use offset, kraft or special paper (the thickness of the envelope paper should be 135 g / sqm maximum, over 150 g / sqm the envelopes need to be plasticized, otherwise can appear "cracks" on the print creases ).

Customizing envelopes without printing conditions ... it's all about timing

(Română) servicii direct mailing

[:ro]Personalizare Plicuri Direct Mailing[:en]Personalizing Direct Mailing Envelopes [:]


De cele mai multe ori, plicurile sunt instrumentele de birotica cele mai utilizate pentru transportul diverselor acte sau documente ce trebuie distribuite catre partenerii sau colaboratorii dumneavoastra de afaceri. Acestea prezinta imaginea corporativa a unei companii sau a unei organizatii. Din acest motiv, aspectul plicurilor trebuie sa fie in concordanta cu valorile brandului dvs. Personalizare plicuri direct mailing - un serviciu util si avantajos!

Plicurile pot fi utilizate ca oportunitate de promovare. Este important sa speculati orice modalitate de promovare, cu atat mai mult cu cat costurile pentru personalizarea plicurilor este o actiune ce nu implica un cost mare. Este o modalitate avantajoasa si eficienta pentru dumneavoastra si pentru business-ul dvs.!

Plicurile deja formate pot fi personalizate numai digital, print negru sau color. Se pot personaliza inclusiv plicurile cu fereastra. Personalizarea digitala a plicurilor este recomandata in cazul unei machete grafice simple gen logo + text adresa expeditor. Este eliminata conditia tirajului minim pentru personalizarea digitala a plicurilor.

personalizare plicuri direct mailing!

Tipografia Global Print's all about timing


In most cases, envelopes are the most used office tools for transporting various papers or documents that must be distributed to your business partners or collaborators. They present the corporate image of a company or organization. For this reason, the appearance of the envelopes must be in line with the values ​​of your brand. Personalizing direct mailing envelopes - a useful and a great service!

Envelopes can be used as a promotional opportunity. It is important to speculate about any promotion modality, especially since the personalizing envelopes is an action that does not imply high costs. It is an advantageous and efficient way for you and your business!

Envelopes already formed can be personalized only digitally, in black or in color print. You can also personalize window envelopes. The digital envelopes personalization is recommended for a simple graphic layout like logo + text sender's address. The minimal print run condition for digital envelope personalization is eliminated.


Personalizing direct mailing envelopes!

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(Română) plicuri personalizate

[:ro]Plicuri Personalizate[:en]Personalized Envelopes[:]


Ne propunem sa identificam impreuna solutia optima pentru plicuri personalizate. Va prezentam mai jos avantajele colaborarii noastre si totodata lista de preturi pentru plicurile standard, lista ce evidentiaza posibilitatile de eficientizare a costurilor functie de tirajul comandat.


1. Nu sunt impuse conditii de tiraj minim si se pot personaliza inclusiv plicuri cu fereastra,

2. Pret unic indiferent de numarul de culori si gradul de acoperire,

3. Stoc permanent pentru toate formatele si tipurile de plicuri standard,

4. Termen de productie 2 - 4 zile,

5. Livrare gratuita pentru comenzi mai mari de 500 euro + TVA.


1. Datorita echipamentelor highend instalate in 2019, se pot personaliza inclusiv plicuri colorate;

2. Pentru tiraje mari (5.000 – 10.000 functie de format) se pot realiza plicuri personalizate integral, fiind tiparite din coala conform design client Pentru detalii, vizitati TIPAR PLICURI;

3. Se pot pot personaliza totodata plicuri speciale cu grosimi de pana la 400 microni;

Plicuri personalizate - Alte informatii utile

Cele mai solicitate plicuri personalizare sunt format DL. Acestea au dimensiunea de 110x220mm si in general se folosesc pentru a trimite documente din format A4 pliate in 3, cum ar fi facturi sau diverse acte.

Plicurile C4 au dimensiunea 229x324 mm si sunt folosite pentru a trimite documente in format A4, cum ar fi contracte sau alte documente ce nu trebuie indoite.

Plicurile C5 au dimensiunea 162x229 mm pentru corespondenta in format A5. Puteti introduce si documente in format A4 indoite o data sau A3 indoite de doua ori.

Pentru ca plicurile sunt primele care intra in contact cu clientii sau colaboratorii dvs., acestea trebuie sa indemne destinatarul sa citeasca continutul, printr-o personalizare de calitate, care sa puna in valoare imaginea companiei pe care o reprezentati. Prin plicuri personalizate, intelegem design conform identitatii corporative din care sa nu lipseasca logo-ul si print profesional. Personalizarea plicurilor confera incredere si sunt foarte utile in crearea unei imagini profesioniste.

Un alt avantaj al plicurilor personalizate il reprezinta faptul ca plicul dvs. se va evidentia si va fi usor de identificat fata de restul corespondentei.

Lista preturi plicuri personalizate

Pentru a va usura procesul de comanda, va punem la dispozitie lista preturi plicuri format standard. Personalizarea pentru 1 fata este inclusa in preturile atasate, preturile fiind valabile indiferent de numarul de culori si de dimensiunile personalizarii.  VIZUALIZATI LISTA PRETURI.


Tiparim Digital Plicuri Personalizate !

Nu sunt impuse conditii de tiraj!


We aim to identify together the optimal solution for personalized envelopes. Below are the advantages of our collaboration and the price list for standard envelopes, the list highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the ordered print run.


1. No minimum draft conditions are required and can be customized including envelopes with window,

2. The unique price regardless of the number of colors and coverage,

3. Permanent stock for all standard envelopes and types of envelopes,

4. Production deadline 2 - 4 days,

5. Free shipping for orders bigger than 500 euros + VAT.


1. Thanks to the high-end equipment installed in 2019, it can also customize colorful envelopes;

2. For large prints (5.000 - 10.000 function format), full customized envelopes can be made, being printed from the sheet according to customer design;

3. Customized envelopes with thicknesses up to 400 microns can also be customized;

Custom envelopes - Other useful information

The most customized envelopes are DL formatted. They are 110x220mm in size and are generally used to send A4-sized documents folded into 3, such as bills or various papers.

C4 envelopes are 229 x 324 mm in size and are used to send A4 documents such as contracts or other documents that should not be bent.

C5 envelopes are 162x229 mm for A5 format correspondence. You can also insert bold A4 or A3 bold documents twice.

Because envelopes are the first to come in contact with your clients or collaborators, they need to urge the recipient to read the content through a quality customization that puts the image of the company you represent. With personalized envelopes, we understand design according to corporate identity that does not lack logo and professional print. Customizing envelopes gives you confidence and is very useful in creating a professional image.

Another advantage of personalized envelopes is that your envelope will be highlighted and will be easy to identify with the rest of the mail. Pricelist custom envelopes

In order to ease your ordering process, we provide you with standard priced envelope pricing list. The personalization for 1 face is included in the attached prices, the prices being valid irrespective of the number of colors and the dimensions of the personalization. Here you can view and save the price list and the current custom envelope offer.


We Print Personalized Envelopes! No volume conditions!

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