Personalized Envelopes

We aim to identify together the optimal solution for personalized envelopes. Below are the advantages of our collaboration and the price list for standard envelopes, the list highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the ordered print run.


1. No minimum draft conditions are required and can be customized including envelopes with window,

2. The unique price regardless of the number of colors and coverage,

3. Permanent stock for all standard envelopes and types of envelopes,

4. Production deadline 2 - 4 days,

5. Free shipping for orders bigger than 500 euros + VAT.


1. Thanks to the high-end equipment installed in 2019, it can also customize colorful envelopes;

2. For large prints (5.000 - 10.000 function format), full customized envelopes can be made, being printed from the sheet according to customer design;

3. Customized envelopes with thicknesses up to 400 microns can also be customized;

Custom envelopes - Other useful information

The most customized envelopes are DL formatted. They are 110x220mm in size and are generally used to send A4-sized documents folded into 3, such as bills or various papers.

C4 envelopes are 229 x 324 mm in size and are used to send A4 documents such as contracts or other documents that should not be bent.

C5 envelopes are 162x229 mm for A5 format correspondence. You can also insert bold A4 or A3 bold documents twice.

Because envelopes are the first to come in contact with your clients or collaborators, they need to urge the recipient to read the content through a quality customization that puts the image of the company you represent. With personalized envelopes, we understand design according to corporate identity that does not lack logo and professional print. Customizing envelopes gives you confidence and is very useful in creating a professional image.

Another advantage of personalized envelopes is that your envelope will be highlighted and will be easy to identify with the rest of the mail. Pricelist custom envelopes

In order to ease your ordering process, we provide you with standard priced envelope pricing list. The personalization for 1 face is included in the attached prices, the prices being valid irrespective of the number of colors and the dimensions of the personalization. Here you can view and save the price list and the current custom envelope offer.


We Print Personalized Envelopes! No volume conditions!


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