Advertising graphics with a competitive fee - 15 Euro / hour, for the full payment at the launch of the order and execution including printing! The tariffs were reduced from 25 Euro - to 15 Euro, by streamlining the operational and technological processes. We provide integrated graphics and printing services. Integration of graphic creation services, offset printing and digital printing is imposed by the need to complete printing products on time. This way, any communication errors between the advertising agency and the producing printing house are avoided;

This service is provided by highly experienced staff - "senior graphic designer". Under these conditions, complete graphical services can be provided - creation, layout, DTP, including 3D graphics. Three different graphic concepts are proposed for each project;

In addition to the level of tariffs, the "express graphic" service also involves the exceptional mobilization of resources to meet "deadlines" for graphics and print projects. When the proximity of an exhibition event requires the completion of printing works in record time this service is the optimal solution;

For each graphic layout a proof - digital print can be executed on request;

For more information for graphic services, you can visit the dedicated page: GRAPHICS SERVICES .


Full Graphics Services in Record Time - express graphic!


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