"1 day offset printing formula" is an express service, unique on the printing market in Bucharest and is subject to the following rules and conditions:

- the 1 day production term is 1 business day, not calendar day;

- for offset printing orders received after 14.00, the 1 day production term will run from the second day at 09.00 a.m.;

- the 1 day term does not include the transport of the ordered printed products;

- the delivery of the printing products will be done also through the "Late Delivery" service;

- the 1 day term for offset printing, is calculated from the moment of completion of the order file, which will also include the final form of graphics for printing, the "good for print" visa (signature, stamp, date), proof of the advance payment;

- for large print runs, the term is considered to be fulfilled by partial deliveries, practically within the time limit set the ordered printing products will be delivered partially;

- ordered printing products must be paid in advance;

- "1 day offset printing" service involves the payment of an emergency fee in the amount of 10% of the order value;

- the service is valid only for the standard conditions and rates practiced by Global Print and can not be combined with other discounts or special offers;

- this service is only available for offset printing works that do not require complex printing finishes, which do not require additional finishing or other manual operations (die-cutting, plasticizing, selective UV varnishing, embossing, gluing, forms as notebooks, etc.);

- 1 day guaranteed - for each day of delay, a penalty of 5% of the value of the delayed printing products will be paid as a voucher for the following printing and graphics orders. These penalties will be highlighted on the tax invoice for the next order.

- Global Print reserves the right to modify this set of rules and conditions without the need for express communication of the changes made. Global Print will, however, have the obligation to publish the regulation in its modified form on the company's website.


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