Digital Print Applications

As frequently-requested digital print applications, we can mention business cards, wedding invitations, photos or various advertising materials in small or medium circulation. Additionally, the digital hybrid print offers also the possibility of printing on special cardboards with accentuated textures or on a plastic material support of the type used for cards. In digital print quality conditions, similar to offset printing, for digital printing applications, there is no minimum print run condition.

Digital Print Applications - Small Quantities

Due to the possibility of printing in small quantities and the possibility to communicate targeted, practically the costs of the printed materials are significantly reduced. The Digital Hybrid Print provides significantly better costs compared to the offset print for print runs up to 4,000 A4 copies or even higher (depending on the load factor). For instant pricing view, you can use the online calculator available in the Digital Print Prices section.

Digital Print Applications - Variable Data

An important digital print application is mailing, which is the printing of variable data that is so necessary for targeted communication - letters, notifications, envelopes, etc.

Another useful digital print application is billing or transactional print, which is the printing of variable data on accounting financial forms, contracts, commercial letters.

Digital Print Applications - Urgent

Digital Print is an efficient solution for quickly making various materials necessary for certain events when the terms become pressing or when simply what you needed to print remained on the last minute.

NO SPEED LIMITS! 1 Day Formula for Digital Print Emergencies


(Română) print date variabile

[:ro]Print Date Variabile[:en]Variables Data Print [:]

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(Română) print date variabile

[:ro]Print Tranzactional[:en]Transactional Print[:]

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(Română) print materiale publicitare

[:ro]Materiale Publicitare[:en]Advertising Materials[:]

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(Română) print carti tiraj mic

[:ro]Carte Tiraje Mici[:en]Books Small Quantities[:]

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