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Integration of digital printing and offset printing is the optimal communication solution. Offset pre-printed commercial materials are personalized individually, giving a personal character to communication. This way you will obtain a more attention of the recipient to the message sent via the digital print with variable data.

Direct marketing has proven to be a very effective means of increasing company profits, being a form of communication directly to the target. Digital Print-Variable Data is the basis of this service by personalizing preprinted formats (printing variables data, logos, localization maps, etc.). This service can be used to provide uniqueness to the issued documents or forms, allows printing of unique series on invoices or forms, sending letters addressed directly to the consignee, or inserting barcodes into commercial prints.

An important application is also the personalization of letters or envelopes sent to a large number of clients or potential clients. Also leaflets, flyer, catalogs and other marketing materials are often sent by direct mailing, with different personalization per copy.

Digital Print Variable Data:

- secure flyer salaries;

- account statements;

- PIN codes;

- envelope labels with recipient address;

- other internal forms.

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