Digital Print Posters

Digital Print Posters maximum format 110X250 cm

Digitally printed posters can have any size, but not bigger than 110 cm. Digital posters can be printed including on opaque paper in order not to interfere with proper viewing. When printing posters on thin paper or transparent paper, it is possible that some of the old poster items may also appear on the display, depending on the place displayed.

Digital Print Posters large format 110X250 cm

Digitally printed posters can have any size A3, A2, A1, A0, B3, B2, B1, B0, 110X250 cm or even larger if you want to decorate an interior wall. The poster production equipment prints with latex-based ink, making printed posters perfect both for the exterior and for the interior. The quality of the posters is a photo level, practically the maximum technology available for digital print posters. No minimum print run of posters per order is required.

Election posters special papers

Election posters can be printed on sticker paper or special papers for digital printing. Special papers provide an excellent look to election posters printed digital. For election posters can be used papers with back opaque blueback or opaque papers, synthetic papers with high external resistance, etc. Special papers give durability to electoral posters, especially for latex-printed posters that also have UV protection. It is especially recommended to print electoral posters on opaque special papers. In the case of digital print posters, it often happens that the image is deteriorated and the text of the electoral poster is illegible due to the electoral posters over which it is applied. The electoral posters can be printed and offset, but on standard paper, the maximum format will be 70X100 cm and there will be a minimum print run of 300 electoral posters. Electoral posters prices (classic print) will be significantly lower with the increase of circulation.

Posters Prices

Poster prices vary depending on the format of the posters, paper, coverage, and digital print resolution. The prices of the large format posters start at 2.9 Euro + VAT / sq m. Practically, the price for a digitally printed A3 poster starts at 0.3 Euro + VAT. The price for a poster printed offset starts at 0.05 Euro + VAT.

Urgent posters

Digitally printed posters have a standard production time of 2-4 business days. For urgency, posters can be printed in shorter terms. Depending on the paper stock, the posters can be printed in emergency regime within 1 day, for which a 10% higher price is charged.




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