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Personalized paper bags

Personalizing paper bags large quantities still in print is recommended if the graphics have a high level of coverage or if we have a pretentious graphic design that involves personalizing the paper bag with special colors (silver, gold, Pantone). It is also recommended if we have a design that touches the edges of the paper bag that will be printed.

Printed paper bags advantages

Offset printing of the personalized bags allows obtaining of special atypical formats, which represents in itself a personalization element that can strengthen corporate visual identity.

You can also opt for textured, natur, colored in the mass special papers and for special finishes (matte or glossy plasticizing, selective varnishing, embossing, hardening handles, hardening bottom bag) that will create uniqueness and attract attention to the paper bags this way personalized or for handle strings of various colors. The printed bags can be ordered with "buffer stock", under condition of equivalent payment of the bags left in stock. For printed paper bags in stock the delivery time is 1 day.

Personalized paper bags

Paper bags already formed are digitally personalized, black or color print. Can be personalized including bags in small quantities 10-20 bags per order.

The digital personalization of the bags is recommended for a simple graphic layout such as logo and contact data. The minimal print run condition for digital personalization of paper bags is eliminated. Paper bags in large quantities can be personalized for all standard bag formats. In the case of the printed bags the dimensions will be according to the requirements of the graphic creation.

Useful informations

For the right choice of the paper bags you need you must consider the following:

- the weight of inserts (the paper bag must be formed according to the weight of the materials that will be inserted);

- the volume of inserts (the personalized bag may require bellows in the case of voluminous materials);

- the duration of use (it is important to determine from the launch of the print order if the personalized bag will be used repeatedly);

- if the graphic design includes "full color" printing (100% color coverage), the personalized paper bags must be plasticized, otherwise the "cracked print" effect may occur in areas where the paper bags are creased.

Paper Bags Any Size!

We support your business. We deliver within 1 day the paper bags existing in stock.


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