Foil Paper Bags

We can use offset printing to personalize your paper bags. This way you can get atypical shape or size paper bags - these bags can also represent a way to reinforce the visual identity of your brand or company. You can also choose special papers, textured, natur, mass-colored, etc., special finishes (matte or glossy plasticization, selective lacquering, embossing, reinforced handles, reinforced bottom, etc.), which will help you create uniqueness and will draw attention to those personalized paper bags You can also choose different color strings for the paper bags you order.

Foil Personalized Paper Bags

The ready-made paper bags can be digitally personalized, can be printed in black and white or in color. We personalize even small circulation order of bags - 10 or 20 bags per order. The digital personalization of the bags is recommended if you have a simple graphic design, like a logo or and contact details. For digitally personalized paper bags we have no minimum circulation per order policy. We can foil personalize paper bags in any standard format, for large circulations. If you choose printed bags, the dimensions will be set according to the graphic design.

The customization of paper bags is a very convenient way for the companies that use this kind of services to promote their brand. The bags printed with the logo are considered very efficient promotional instrument, with a powerful impact.

Multiple customization possibilities - Polychromy. The bags can be made out of different kind of paper - different thickness, different colors (natur, textured, mass colored) or, for a more refined look, out of special cardboards. Special finishes can be applied, like matte or glossy plasticization, selective lacquering, (plain or 3D), embossing or debossed stamping, and the handless can be reinforced.





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