"1 Day Formula offset printing" is an express service, unique on the printing houses market in Bucharest and is subjected to the following rules and conditions:

  1.  the 1 day production term represents 1 business day, not calendar,
  2. for offset printing orders received after 14.00 o'clock, the 1 day production term will begin the second day from 09.00 am,
  3. the 1 day term does not include the transport of the ordered printed products,
  4. the delivery of the printing products will be done inclusive through the "Late Delivery" service,
  5. the 1 day offset printing term is calculated from the moment the order file finishes, which will also include the graphic in the final print form, the "good print" visa (signature, stamp, date), proof of payment of the advance,
  6. for large print runs, the term is considered to be fulfilled by partial deliveries, practically within the agreed period of time to be partially delivered the ordered printed products,
  7. ordered printed products must be paid in advance,
  8. "1 day offset printing" service involves the payment of an emergency fee in the amount of 10% of the order value,
  9. the service is valid only for the standard rates and conditions practiced by Global Print and can not be combined with other discounts or special offers,
  10. this service is available only for offset printing works that do not require complex printing finishes, which do not require additional finishing or other manual operations (die cutting, plasticizing, selective UV varnishing, embossing, gluing, forms in the form of notebooks, etc.),
  11. 1 day guaranteed - for each day of delay, a penalty of 5% of the value of the delayed printing products will be paid in the form of a voucher for the following printing and graphics orders. These penalties will be highlighted on the fiscal invoice for the next order.

Global Print reserves the right to modify this set of rules and conditions without being necessary to expressly communicating the changes made. Global Print will have the obligation to publish the regulation in its modified form on the company's website.




[:ro]II.Tipar Publicitar[:en]Advertising print[:]

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[:ro]Tipar Publicitar[:en]Advertising Print[:]

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[:ro]Produse Tiparite[:en]Printed Products[:]


Un studiul realizat de Academia Heildelberg ce analizeaza toate zonele in care produsele tiparite este folosit ca mijloc de comunicare si care are ca baza stiintifica un volum mare de informatie rezultata din 80 de studii si rapoarte referitoare la piata germana, publicate de cele mai importante institutii de cercetare de marketing, asociatii profesionale, grupuri de presa si universitati, releva impactul printului in piata de publicitate si demonstreaza faptul ca este un domeniu indispensabil.

Publicul tinta caruia i s-a adresat studiul nu a fost nicidecum tipografiile, ci oamenii de marketing si media. Ca drept urmare analiza comparativa pentru media tiparita, TV si internet si impactul printului in media, conving si cel mai reticent strateg de media de puterea si eficienta comunicarii prin tipar produse. Rezultatele au fost comunicate in cadrul unui congres denumit sugestiv "viitorul tiparului", la care au participat experti germani din domenii ca media, publicitate, tipar produse, IT.

Concluzia acestei intruniri a expertilor celei mai dezvoltate si avansate piete de media si tipar din Europa, a fost ca produsele tiparite vor continua sa fie si in viitor o componenta indispensabila a mijoacelor media si ca nu putem vorbi despre razboi intre acesti agenti media, ci mai curand de o exploatare a avantajelor noilor oportunitati.


Produse Tiparite vor Continua cu Succes !


A study conducted by Heidelberg Academy analyzed all areas that use printed products as means of communication. This study is based on a big amount of information, extracted from 80 others studies and reports relative to the German market, studies and reports published by the most distinguished marketing research institutes, professional associations, press groups and universities. This study revealed the high impact of print in advertising market and demonstrated that printing is an all-important domain.

The target audience of that study was not consisting of print shops, but marketing and media people. Thereby the “Comparative analyze for printed media, TV and internet” and “The impact of print products in media” have the power to convince event the most reserved media strategist of the power and efficiency of the printed products. The results were made public at a congress suggestively named “The Future of Print”, a congress attended by a lot of German media experts, advertising experts, print production experts and IT experts.

This gathering of experts of the most advance and the most developed media and print market in Europe concluded that the printed products will continue to be an all-important, critical component of media and that we cannot talk about a war between these media agents - an exploitation of the advantages offered by the new opportunities is a better approach.


Printed Products will Successfully continue !

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