Why Printed Products?

"The printed products in the future"

Is a plea that has as its central axis the study conducted in 2008 by Print Media Academy (P.M.A.) that pertain to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, together with Faculty of Advertising and Marketing Communication of the Media University in Stuttgart. This plea reveals the impact that the print have in the advertising market and demonstrate that print is an indispensable domain.

The study was conducted had a maximum complexity. There were analyzed all areas that use print as a way of communication. This study is based on a big amount of information, extracted from 80 others studies and reports relative to the German market, studies and reports published by the most distinguished marketing research institutes, professional associations, press groups and universities.

The target audience of that study was not consisting of print shops, but marketing and media people. Thereby the “Comparative analyze for printed media, TV and internet” and “The impact of print products in media” have the power to convince event the most reserved media strategist of the power and efficiency of the printed products. The results were made public at a congress suggestively named “The Future of Print”, a congress attended by a lot of German media experts, advertising experts, print production experts and IT experts.

Printed product vs new opportunities

This gathering of experts of the most advance and the most developed media and print market in Europe concluded that the printed products will continue to be an all-important, critical component of media and that we cannot talk about a war between these media agents - an exploitation of the advantages offered by the new opportunities is a better approach.

In the final pages of this study we can find some action recommendation for strategies and media people:

- printed products should be used as a textual agent, mostly when complex messages are to be transmitted. As arguments, the qualities of printed products are cited: the print informs, is contextual, multiplies the message and consolidates it.

- printed products are to be used as an advertising vehicle mostly when groups of people with high expectations are targeted. The print has an activation effect at an emotional level and reaches an audience of considerable spending power consumers, people that still have a powerful affinity for printed communication. In addition, the print is credible, and so the printed advertise have a sure effect.

- printed products should not be used against other media vehicles, but along these products, in order to intensify the impact of advertorial communication, because the print has the power to compensate what the other products are lacking. The print assess a decelerated and in the same time powerful and enduring way to take in the information. The print is a very good support for long term systemic branding.

The Paper and the Printed Products will successfully continue!


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