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When print runs for ordered printing products are very high, there is a natural need to optimize acquisition costs. Because each optimized cent will have a direct impact on your competitiveness both internally and regionally, China Print Production solution can not be eliminated from print buying strategies of large companies or multinational corporations. And because we understood that this trend can not be ignored by the printing industry, we have decided to be part of what the future of high print run production means.


China Print - Products & Print Runs

The range of printing products that can be printed in China is very wide, starting from product catalogs or paper bags to packaging. Our support for print buying is basically proposed for the products that are ordered in very high print runs, print runs which can allow an important efficiency of the total costs compared to the in-house production solution.


China Print - Conditions and Benefits

For China print production, a 6-8 week period should be considered, plus shipping for about 8-12 weeks. To the extent that these deadlines can not be efficiently integrated into your business streams, the optimal solution can be Turkey Print Production, the production term being 4-6 weeks, plus a term for terrestrial transportation about 1-2 weeks.

Once this organization and logistics challenge is overcoming, the competitive advantage of a significantly lower purchase price than internal production can be directly accessed. The multinational companies that have entrusted us with this print buying task have gradually decided to launch including regional orders for countries such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and even Poland.


China Print - Services

You benefit from complete integrated services, starting with the qualified selection of Producing Printing Houses based on meetings and direct contacts, obtaining the best international transport conditions through partnerships established with major expedition houses, as well as fulfilling the customs formalities performed by customs commissioners with a experience over 10 years.




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