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Printed envelopes are customized with the desired design as early as the printing of the sheet of paper from which are manufactured the envelopes. The customization of envelopes is recommended when the graphic elements cover more than 30 percent or if we have an exacting graphic design that requires using special colors (silver, gold, Pantone). It is also recommended if the graphic design reaches the edges of the printed envelope.

Printed envelopes allow you to obtain atypical formats, which can be an impact customization on its own, and this way you can differentiate and consolidate your company brand.  You can also choose special papers (enameled, nacreous, textured, natur, mass colored, etc.) or special finishes (plasticization, selective lacquering, etching) that will help you create your identity and will increase the attention that the receiver will pay to the content of the customized envelope. The printed envelopes can be ordered with a buffer stock, only if the stock is paid in advance.

Printed envelopes - conditions

The envelopes can be printed in various sizes on standard or special paper. Even the window envelopes can be printed. The envelopes can be printed offset only in a minimum circulation per order - for example 1.000 C4 envelopes and 3000 DL envelopes per order. For small quantities optimal solution is digital printing on envelopes already formed (for prices and other details, you can visit: DIGITAL PRINT - PERSONALIZED ENVELOPES).

Printed Envelopes - advantages

-Printed envelopes have a wider format range - we can print atypical unique format envelopes, atypical unique seals, according to the requests of the graphic design;

-The quality of offset printed envelopes is superior to digital customization of ready-made envelopes;

-Printed envelopes allow the usage of special colors or of Pantone colors;

-Printed envelopes can be printed on special paper or on mass colored paper;

-The envelopes can have even the insider printed, according to the desired graphic design;

-Printed envelopes can have special finishes like plasticization, selective lacquering, etching.

Printed envelopes - useful information

In order to make the right decision in printing the envelopes you need, you have to consider the following:

- insert dimensions (the printed envelope should be 1 cm longer and 0.5cm higher than the insert). If you want to put in the printed envelope a magazine with a lot of pages, a pouch will be necessary, a pouch that can vary in dimensions;

- the delivery method;

- the sealing of envelopes (adhesive, self-adhesive or silicone);

- the positioning of the opening for the printed envelopes (the envelopes used for automatically inserted correspondence have their opening on the large side while the envelopes used for documents have it on the small side);

- what you want printed on the envelope, to determine either you can use offset paper, kraft paper or special paper (the thickness of the paper used for envelopes should be maximum 135g/sm. If paper over 150g/sm thick is used the envelopes should be plasticized, otherwise “cracks” of the print can appear on the ribbed surface).

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