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The optimal solution for printed products ordered in very high print runs, but whose delivery is desired to be achieved in a shorter term than the products printed in China, is definitely a Turkey Print production. For such works, it is obviously necessary to optimize acquisition costs, each optimized percentage having a direct impact on your competitiveness both internally and regionally. Turkey Print Production solution can not be eliminated from the print-buying strategies of large companies or multinational corporations that are conditioned by business processes that require a faster production pace. And because we understood that this trend of outsourcing production to Asia will not avoid the printing industry, we have decided to be part of what the future means for high print run production.


Turkey Print - Products & Print Runs

The range of printing products that can be printed in Turkey is a very wide range, starting from product catalogs or paper bags to complex packaging or with finishes involving high cost levels. Our support for print buying is provided for products that are ordered in large or very large print runs, print runs whose outsourcing is likely to generate significant total cost efficiencies compared to the internal production solution.


Turkey Print - Conditions and Advantages

For Turkey Print production, the standard term is 4-6 weeks, to which is added the terrestrial transport, which usually falls within a period of about 1-2 weeks. To the extent that these deadlines can be increased to 6-8 weeks for production and 8-12 weeks for shipping, respectively, without affecting your current activity, the optimal solution can be China Print Production.

Once these organizational and logistics requirements are exceeded, you benefit directly from the advantage of a significantly lower purchase price than the in house production under relatively low production and delivery conditions. The multinational corporations that have requested this print buying service have finally decided to launch regional orders for countries such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and even Poland.


Turkey Print - Services

Complete print buying services are provided, starting from the qualified selection of printing houses based on expertise, meetings and direct contacts, obtaining the best terrestrial transport conditions through partnerships with major expedition houses or the use of the most popular international transport bursaries, as well as the realization of the import and customs files, realized with the help of the customs commissioners partners.




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