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First impression is decisive! That is why the success of an promotional campaign lies with the quality of promotional materials. Global Print printing shop offers professional print services, backed up by a vast experience in manufacturing promotional materials. We offer advertising print products which can represent your company in the most effective and professional way and help your company be easily noted!

We offer for your business professional print services for advertising print:

-    leaflets, booklets, flyers, catalogs, magazines;

-    posters, paper cases, calendars, jotters

-    envelopes, other print products required for promotional purposes


-    professional quality of printing products at prices tailored for your company budget. We proudly claim that through our services, we ennoble the paper with the best quality printings;

-    very flexible offers. The demands of our customers come first;

-    performance guarantee by the work of an experienced team;

-    state-of-the-art printing technologies and innovative solutions;


Offset printing “Formula 1 Day” is an unique print service on the Bucharest print market. We offer a record production deadline for offset printing. Is a well known fact that the classic offset printing has a production deadline relatively long compared to digital printing, because of its technical particularities. Now Global Print overcomes this shortcoming offering you “Formula 1 Day” offset printing, a service only possible by a massive mobilization of our staff and of all the other accessory factors.

(Română) tipar pliante

[:ro]Tipar Pliante[:en]Leaflets[:]

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(Română) tipar flyere

[:ro]Tipar Flyere[:en]Flyers[:]

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(Română) tipar cataloage

[:ro]Tipar Cataloage[:en]Catalogues[:]

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(Română) tipar reviste

[:ro]Tipar Reviste[:en]Magazines[:]

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