Promotional catalogues represent a very effective way to advertise your business. They can successfully represent your company and are ideal showing materials for businesses that offer fancy products or services, maybe related to an art form even, products or services that require big pictures in very good resolution.

How important is a promotional catalogue for a company?

It all depends of the specific activity of your company. If you offer a large spectrum of products, a promotional catalogue is a very useful business instrument. Your potential customers or partners can familiarize themselves with your services much more easier and quicker, and so the business relationships can be built better and faster.

How can I can make a personalized promotional catalogue?

Global Print print shop offers you, along with professional printing services, graphic construction services.

Our specialists in graphic production can make for you the entire promotional catalogue and, to be sure that this advertising material will acquire the desired success, you can also choose to print the catalogue on spectacular papers, special cardboards, with varied textures and aspects - that way you will amplify the impact of the information you want to send out. Soft-touch textures, metallised, glossy or nacreous, double-coated papers or matte ones will add a elegant and refined note to your catalogue.

A well structured promotional catalogue will have more chances to impress and to transmit the desired message. Among the important sections that a catalogue should include there are: the cover - the brand name and other identity specific elements, first page that contains a short presentation of your company activity, your company objectives, mission and vision, the services and products that you offer, special offers (if any) and a section that includes conclusions and testimonials of content customers.

Recommendations for a efficient promotional catalogue:

  1. the images presented in the catalogue should be very clear and should have a high quality
  2. the layout of the catalogue should be modern, with a pleasant aspect, and should allow a fast browsing of the content, and in the same time should ensure that the essence and the important messages are not lost
  3. a well defined structure, in which the strengths and the unique services provided by your company are well highlighted
  4. the information contained is well structured, clear, concise, exposed in an language accessible to the targeted audience
  5. the visual structure of the catalogue should include the brand identity elements - emblem, logo, name, slogan, etc.

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