The flyers are printed on paper between 90 and 135 g/sm thick, otherwise the costs would become too big - usually the flyers are considered low cost printed products, they cannot be used in targeted campaigns as they are distributed in specific ways and considering the amplitude of this specific campaigns. The flyers, as advertising products, are a major impact, they are appropriate for advertising special offers and services. We can find them anywhere and no business can develop without their help!

The retailers consider flyers to be the most effective promoting channel. Printed flyers represent a marketing instrument that requires low production and distribution costs, but can have a significant impact on sales. They can be printed on both sides, on glossy or matte paper, with a written message or a suggestive picture. Printed flyers have both an informative, and advertising purpose, and they can be personalized in various ways, using different colors, shapes and sizes.

The flyer-promotion way is a very simple advertising action, and a very common one. The major advance of this method of advertising is that the prices involved are a lot lower that in other promotional materials cases. The low cost is made possible by the simplicity and the small size of the product, which means a smaller amount of paper used.

As the leaflets, the flyers must contain only the information needed in order to deliver the desired message - logo, contact details, current advertising campaign.

Printed flyers  - large circulations (circulations)

For large circulations of printed flyers - over 50,000 pcs. - we can drastically optimize the costs by printing on special paper designed for rotary machines type LWC or SC.

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