Printed leaflets ensure a better comprehension of the commercial message that your company wants to send out, compared to other communicational means, like the newsletter, for example. You can also choose atypical formats for printed leaflets or flyers, formats which represent by themselves a powerful personalization technique that will help your company to stand out and improve its brand identity and awareness. We also recommend using special type of papers (silk paper, nacreous, textured, natur, mass colored, etc.) and special finishes (plasticized, selective lacquering, embossing) that will build your uniqueness and will make your customers more interested in the content of the printed leaflet.

Leaflets - printing conditions

The leaflets can be printed offset only in a minimum circulation per order. For example, for A4 format leaflets, folded in 3, the minimum circulation is 2000 leaflets printed offset. For digital printed leaflets there are no minimum circulation condition. For offset printed leaflets we can also provide graphic design, layout and DTP.

Leaflets - technical aspects

The technical recommendation is that the leaflets should be printed on paper between 90g/sm and 150g/sm thick. The standard operation after printing is the folding, but for papers thicker than 150g/sm the scoring is mandatory, otherwise the product can be damaged - small cracks can appear on the surface. The scoring of the leaflets is a typographic procedure that implies a puncher and the punching operation. For leaflets printed in very large circulations the optimal price is obtained by using LWC, a special paper used in rotary printing machines.

Leaflets - advantages

For high quality products we recommend offset printing. Digital printing is recommended for small and urgent circulations.

Offset printing allows the use of special Pantone colors for leaflets. Also, offset printing allows us to use a larger spectrum of papers, including special papers or mass colored papers.

Printed leaflets can have special finishes, like matte plasticization, selective lacquering, embossing, etc. Printed leaflets can be cut in special forms.


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