The magazines, along side the other print products filed under advertising print category, make raising the awareness and visibility of your business a lot easier. These instruments can be used both within the company, as a bimonthly, monthly, semester or even yearly magazine that can help you familiarize your employees with the new changes or improvements integrated in the company, and external, upholding the relationship between you and your partners and collaborators. The magazines are much more visually appealing products than a simple display catalogue, which can be in your advantage. More than that, the magazines can be printed on special paper, between 55-150 g/sm, with special textures and colors.

Also, for a stronger impact and a sophisticated look, we can help with special finishes, like folio inscribes, embossed stamp. The quality of the paper used, the visual and tactile effect obtained from special finishes can really make your business noted!

The magazines should be printed on paper 90-150g/sm thick, for circulations smaller than 10.000 pcs. Circulations bigger than 10.000 magazines are printed on paper special designed for rotary printing machines. The paper used for the covers will be the same with the one used for the inside pages of the magazine - 55-90g/sm.

Printed magazines - binding

The finishing process is done with machines that gather the bundles of the magazine, staples and fasten them without manual intervention. That way a constant high quality of binding is ensured for the whole circulation of the magazine. Also, high speed process ensure low production costs, high production capacity and short delivery terms. This technological advantage gives us an edge on the print market, both in small and big circulations.

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