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An ideal instrument for dealing with new information, the printed jotter can be used successfully in writing down data regarding the activity of an commercial agent or any other activity. The data and information are written on the jotter’s pages and they can be kept as such, or they can be stored somewhere else by easily detaching the pages.

The printed jotter is used in the commercial activity of a company and can be customized - for example on the cover can be printed the logo of the company, along with its contact details.

Not just the companies can efficiently use customized jotters in their activity, but other organizations as well - administrative organizations, NGO’s, etc. Their contact details are easily and efficient registered and transmitted thanks to the detachable pages of the personalized jotter.

Jotters are recommended to be printed on 60 to 80 g/sm thick paper. Standard format is A5.

Printed Jotters - Bindery

The jotter can be manufactured using either one of the following techniques:

-Broaching (adhesive binding)

-Spiral binding

Because the jotter is a product used inside the company, for ecological reasons recycled paper can be used.

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