We recommend that calendars should be printed on cardboard of 150-300 g/sm thick.

We can print the calendars using the desired design, we can use the photos uploaded by the customers or we can use bought photos:

-Pocket calendars (business card type);

-Desk calendars (spiral or paperbacked - glued);

-Wall calendars (spiral or paperbacked - glued with tear-of perforated option).

By using personalised calendars, you can communicate more about your business than using standard, regular calendars. Calendars are a customary object in our day to day activity. Either in an office (triptych or wall calendar) or in your wallet (pocket calendar), the calendars are a welcome promotional form that you can use all year around. The wide spectrum of formats and the large array of customization possibilities make the calendar a really useful promotional instrument.

Pre-printed calendars can be customized only in the dedicated area. If someone wants a fully customized calendar, the only solution is printing the calendar. If an offset printing is required, the minimum circulation is 500 pcs. per order.

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