Accounting Forms

Tax forms are mandatory after 01.01.2007, the date when only the possibility of printing the accounting forms in own regime was offered. Accounting forms are a direct communication with the most important target of your company, existing customers, to whom you have to give reasons for returning, by printing on the back of the forms, useful information, such as a full range of services and products, special offers, data post-sale contact, etc.

Personalized accounting forms

Outsourced printing of forms brings important cost efficiencies by printing on the back of the informations that would normally have to be printed separately (ex: contract conditions, warranty certificates, declaration of conformity, etc). By printing forms, you gain advantages in terms of time spent and reducing the number of issued forms, which ultimately represent indirect cost reductions.

Personalizing forms can eliminate internal risks and external risks of falsification by securing them. In the situation that financial accounting forms are edited by company's employees it is avoided this way to appear double series or other non-conformities due to human error or intention. By using self-copying paper with security features, falsification becomes very difficult. As an example, we can consider the receipt status. If the receipts are printed on their own account, the operator can always collect certain amounts of money that he do not declare. Basically it will generate a new receipt with the same series and the fraud will be hard to spot.

Printed forms provide beside the advantage of a lower cost than printing in own regime (paper, printer wear and service, toner and other consumables, time, etc. are costs higher than the price of the printed forms), the advantage of a pleasant visual appearance. Continuously forms for matrix printers (invoices, notices, receipts, etc) will have a more neat appearance due to respecting the specific standards, such as the 9-point "step" characteristic to the matrix printer. The space for each column will be optimized and the amount of information will be anticipated. The size and shape of the text will be unique for a unitary and pleasant graphic appearance. All creative, graphic layout and DTP services are offered free of charge, so that personalized forms can be obtained after the criteria imposed by a successful marketing.

Easily obtaining of the personalized forms by printing and delivering them in time at the headquarters, the equivalent of the forms could be paid on time. Outsourcing the responsability to the printed forms provider, in the situation that non-conformities appear or other errors such as double series, altered corporate colors, etc. Free counseling on current legislation and application methodologies.

As an example, we specify the rules on insertion and numbering regime of invoices, receipts, merchandise accompanying notes, monetary, bookmarks, etc.

a. The persons responsible for organizing and managing the accounting must designate, by internal written decision (download form), one or more persons, as the case may be, having assignments for the allocation, management of series and numbers for all issued forms.

b. Invoices will have a sequential order number set by the company so as to ensure the annual requirements. Each year, the number from which the first invoice will be issued (you can start each year from 0 or you can continue from the last printed series) is established. In the allocation of series and numbers, account shall be taken of the organizational structure, respectively branches, subsidiaries, work points.

c. As a concrete situation, for S.C. GLOBAL PRINT BDV S.R.L. taking into account the above mentioned, will be: invoice series va B GP F no. 000001 (B - from Bucharest, GP - the internal series chosen representing the Global Print initials and F - from the invoice).

Non-personalized accounting forms (common forms)

Common forms can be purchased at a great price by opting for the non-personalized option from preprinted stocks. The delivery term will be shorter, with the forms being in stock. A complete range of common non-personalized forms is provided.

The complete range of forms! We support your business by promptly delivering ordered forms.

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