Personalized waybills and secured waybills

Personalized waybills are a good communication and marketing support. Waybills are forms that need to be issued anyway, the cost of personalization being insignificant compared to the benefits. Personalized waybills reach the most important customers, the existing customers. Waybills contribute to the development of a good brand image. Waybills need to be personalized to meet the requirements of a correct communication. Once personalized, waybills can also be secured, eliminating internal and external falsification risk.

Waybills - accounting regulations

Waybills are mandatory after January 1, 2007, the date when it was only offered the possibility to print in own regime the forms and the financial accounting forms. Waybills represent direct communication with your company's most important target, your existing customers. It is advisable to print useful information such as warranty conditions, post-sale contact data, etc. on the back of the waybills. By printing on the back the certificates of conformity, warranty conditions or contract terms, significant cost and time efficiencies can be obtained, these conditions no longer being printed separately. Waybills are recommended to be secured in order to eliminate internal and external falsification risk.

Non-personalized Waybills

Waybills can be purchased at a great price by opting for the non-personalized option from preprinted stocks. Delivery time will be shorter, non-personalized waybills being available in stock. A full range of non-personalized waybills, waybills books format A4, A5, A6, waybills continuous mode for matrix printer A4, A5 is provided. Minimum print run per order 10 books or 750 sets (1 box) for continuous mode.


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