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Printed forms / Personalized forms - regulations

Financial accounting forms are mandatory after January 1, 2007, only the modality of acquiring these accounting forms being optional. Between the variants of printing in own regime and the printing of forms externalized is recommended the version of the outsourced printing. Why personalized forms? Find out in continuation a list of arguments that reflect their usefulness and benefits:

- Personalized color forms have a significantly lower price than color printed forms in own regime.

- Accounting forms being used in daily sales activity, are a means of direct communication.

- Personalized invoices, personalized waybills, personalized receipts are more than just an accounting form, becoming a marketing tool addressed to an important target group, that of existing customers.

- Through the personalized forms color printed you can make known the full company offer by printing it on the back of the forms. That way, existing customers can be determined to come back with new orders or to request new products / services. Printing on the back of the personalized forms of this information does not affect the price.

Printed forms / personalized - benefits

- Outsourced printing of the forms brings important cost efficiencies by printing on the back of the information that would normally have to be printed separately (ex: contract conditions, warranty certificates, declaration of conformity, etc.). By printing the forms, advantages are obtained in terms of time spent and reduced number of issued forms, which ultimately represent indirect cost reductions;

- Personalization of the forms can eliminate internal risks and external falsification risks by securing them. This avoids the fact that in the case when the financial accounting forms are being edited by the employees of the company, double series arise or other nonconformities due to the human error or intent. By using carbonless paper with security elements, falsification becomes very difficult. As an example, we can consider the receipt situation. If the receipts are printed in own regime, the operator can always collect certain amounts of money that they do not declare.

- Printed forms ensure, besides a lower cost compared to printing own regime (paper, printer wear and service, toner and other consumables, time, etc. are higher costs than the price of the printed forms), the advantage of a pleasant visual appearance. Continuous mode forms for matrix printers (invoices, waybills, receipts, etc.) will have a more clean look by respecting specific standards, such as the 9 points "step" characteristic of the matrix printer. The space for each column will be optimized and the amount of information will be anticipated. The size and shape of the text will be unique for a unitary and pleasant graphic appearance. All creative, graphic layout and DTP services are provided free of charge, so that personalized forms can be obtained according to the criterions imposed by a successful marketing;

- Easily getting the personalized forms, by printing and delivering them in time at the headquarters, the equivalent of the forms can be paid on time;

- Outsourcing the responsability to the printed forms provider, in the situation that nonconformities or other errors like double series, altered corporate colors, etc appear.

- Free consulting on the legislation in force and the application methodologies;

- Full outsourcing of the responsability to the forms provider in the case of nonconformities or other errors (such as double series, altered logo colors or corporate colors, etc.);

- Free consultation on the legislation in force and the application methodologies;

As an example, we mention the rules regarding insertion and numbering regime of invoices, receipts, waybills, monetary, mark receipt etc.

a. The persons responsible for organizing and managing the accounting must designate, by internal written decision (download form), one or more persons, as the case may be, having attributions regarding allocation, management of series and numbers for all forms issued.

b. Invoices will have a sequential order number set by the company so as to ensure the annual necessary. Each year, the number from which the first invoice will be issued (can begin each year from 0 or may continue from the last printed series) is established. In the allocation of series and numbers, shall be taken account of the organizational structure, respectively branches, subsidiaries, work points.

c. As a concrete situation, for the S.C. GLOBAL PRINT BDV S.R.L. company taking into account the above mentioned, will be: invoice series B GP I no. 000001 (B - from Bucharest, GP - the internal series chosen representing the Global Print initials and I - from the invoice)

Forms can be ordered from various business areas:

- financial accounting (invoices, waybills, receipts, monetary, etc.);

- tourism (arrival announcement sheets - special offer, mark / consumption receipt, payment note, etc.);

- medical (consultation sheets, prescriptions, registers, certificates, admission tickets, transport sanitary-veterinary certificates, sanitary-veterinary prints, etc.);

- any other internal forms.

Security elements

Security elements forms

Security elements can be printed on any form. Forms must be secured to eliminate the risk of falsification.

It is recommended that any printed form on either offset or digital print to have included a securing element. It is recommended to secure the following printed forms: invoices, receipts, waybills, medical certificates.

Forms can be secured through various methods, digital or offset printing personalization, providing that way to the forms that contain security elements a high level of safety.

Secure Available Elements

GUILLOCHE - Special graphic drawing that can not be reproduced through any copying system - This element can be printed with special, fluorescent or visible in the UV spectrum ink. - These guilloche are visibly arranged to be easily checked.

MICROTEXT - Special printing that can not be reproduced by copying due to the very small dimensions of the text, - Not visible to the naked eye, it is "hidden" and has the role of identifying an original act.

IDENTIFICATION CODE - Alphanumeric security element, - It is Visible for immediate identification of the form's authenticity.

UNIQUE SERIES MARKING - Verification system in real time of the series marking data at the time of placing the order, - Through this facility it is avoided the preparation and submission of additional supporting documents required by law.

GRAPHIC PERSONALIZATION - Possibility of introducing graphic elements and own commercial information, - Can be positioned to respect corporate identity.

INVISIBLE SIGNATURE - Insertion of text or graphic elements printed with invisible ink, - Safety elements become visible by exposure to a heat source.

FLUORESCENT SIGNATURE - Insertion of text or graphic elements printed with fluorescent ink, - Safety elements become visible by exposure to the UV spectrum.

HIDDEN SIGNATURE - Entering microtext in pre-established zones, - Text is not visible to the naked eye.

HOLOGRAM - Personalization with hologram stamp, - Hologram drawing is unique.

All the security elements of the forms mentioned above can be applied to any standard form, each security element brings added safety to the printed forms.

Why personalized forms? Because they have security elements!

The importance of forms security:

By securing the forms with various security elements, the risks of falsification and implicitly the risks of internal or external fraud occurring are avoided. In particular, the receipts must be treated specifically because of the possibility of appropriation of the amounts of money collected. Practically for receipts security should be a mandatory requirement. For more arguments in favor of forms security, visit "accounting forms".

Security elements - benefits

Securing forms with various security elements provides benefits such as:

- Secure forms will be safer, being much harder to falsificate;

- Secure forms can be a good means of marketing;

- More security elements can be used for the same form, so their efficiency is increased;

- By using the secured elements, being known only by the issuer, you will be able to differentiate between a reproduced form and the authentic form.


Order no. 3512/2008 issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) regarding financial-accounting documents, published in the Official Gazette, Part I, no. 870, from November 27, 2008, entered into force on January 1, 2009 (download the document).

Order no.2226 / 2006 issued by the Ministry of Public Finance entered into force on 30.12.2006 regarding the use of financial-accounting forms by the persons stipulated in art.1 of the Accounting Law no. 82/1991, republished (download the document).


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