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The medical certificate serves the person as motivation at the institution where he is assigned for exemption of physical efforts and for obtaining other facilities, depending on the state of health as well as in the relations with the organs of the state administration.

Personalized forms are an important means of communication and marketing without incurring high costs. Forms must be issued anyway, the cost of personalization being insignificant compared to the marketing benefits offered. Personalized forms reach the most important customers, the existing customers. Forms should help create a good brand image.

Forms must be personalized to meet the requirements of a correct communication. Once personalized, it is possible to secure the forms with financial-accounting importance, thus eliminating the internal and external risk of falsification of these forms.

Forms non-personalized medical certificates (common forms)

Common forms can be purchased at a great price by opting for the non-personalized option from preprinted stocks. The delivery term will be shorter, with the forms being in stock. A complete range of common non-personalized forms is provided.

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