Laser Photogravure

Laser photogravure

In order to obtain extremely fine detailS, for photogravure on metallic materials, leather or other premium materials, we preferred the laser solution produced by Universal Laser System in the USA.

The laser source ensures a working life of up to 30.000 hours, and the size of the materials that can be engraved/cut is 584 mm wide, 229 mm thick and 737 mm long (with the possibility of adjusting up to 2000 mm long).

The trademarked software 1 Touch Laser Photo, is a unique restoration solution that allows you to get engraved photos at a quality that is hard to match.

The range of materials that can be laser processed is practically unlimited, signage materials, customized advertising products, mock-ups, industrial parts, etc., being among the products that can be carried out.