Carton Packaging & Custom Boxes

The latest technical equipment and the implementation of dedicated software solutions for industrial design can ensure the obtaining of packaging, customized cardboard boxes, and other printing products in accordance with the highest standards, these being the arguments for which we constantly invest in the latest technologies (details: ). The integration of the technical solution and the software dedicated to the production of corrugated packaging and customized boxes, allows the elimination of cardboard losses, efficient working times, and all production stages with an impact on costs so that in the end to obtain competitive prices compared to others technical solutions.

Cardboard Packaging & Custom Boxes - Production

  • The digital UV print directly on corrugated cardboard in large format plates is made at high resolutions and in high productivity conditions. The digital printing equipment with UV ink can print on all types of corrugated cardboard, which will serve as the basis for making personalized boxes. The Fuji Acuity HS Advance printer installed in 2019 being of true flatbed type, ensures a very good registration, so that a perfect fit of the printed images towards the edges, sides, closing and cover areas, etc. is possible.
  • The digital print is made with flexible UV ink, which means that no cracks will appear in the folding areas and we will not have problems regarding the recycling conditions, as it happens in the case of scrapping offset printed sheets and plasticizing them before scrapping. The production costs of customized packaging and boxes by UV digital printing are significantly reduced by eliminating the costs for laminating foil, laminating labor, and sheet casing labor.
  • Possibility to obtain large custom boxes, due to the large area of printing and digital finishing of digital printing equipment.
  • The faithful reproduction of the graphic design at resolutions up to 1200 DPI, is ensured by the Caldera GrandRip + color processing software (, software RIP top performance, dedicated to large format print.
  • The high productivity digital finishing is achieved by the new mass model produced by the industry leader ESKO KONGSBERG X, which has as main feature a very good versatility, due to the modular system of changing the multitude of finishing tools (making bigs, cutting on contour, making fine details, perfor, kiss cut, etc).
  • The efficiency of production costs is maximized, due to the addition to the equipment already described above of the industrial software ESKO i-CUT Suite ( ), which especially through the NESTING functionality allows the reduction of material consumption by up to 30-40%. Basically, the irregular elements such as the internal reinforcements, to be cut are placed and grouped optimally so as to minimize the need for cardboard for each product. In addition, the existence of an automated takeover flow by the ESKO digital finishing table, of all technical settings directly from the ESKO ArtiosCAD design software (in conditions of maximum compatibility, possibly also due to the development of the complete solution by the same manufacturer - software designed, industrial software and finishing table by ESKO), brings consistent benefits in terms of productivity. Thus, downtime is eliminated from the stage of setting each job, the amount of raw material used and the risk of human error is eliminated.
  • Samples are made for each package, before entering the production flow. Among the advantages of digital printing is the fact that identical samples can be made with the final product, which is to be mass-produced. Thus, it will be possible to eliminate any imperfect matching problems or graphic design.
  • Of course, for very large runs we will make cardboard packaging and custom boxes by offset printing, casing and classic stamping. The advantages in this case will be the shorter production time for large runs and obtaining low prices for standardized formats.
  • There is no minimum quantity condition per order. From a technical point of view, there are no limitations, but it is necessary to take into account the achievement of optimal circulations so that the lowest production prices are obtained.

Cardboard Packaging & Custom Boxes - Consulting & Design

The ArtiosCad 3D software used for the custom design of cardboard packaging and custom boxes, is a high precision one dedicated to the design of such products. It is developed by the ESKO team, a company whose performances are positively appreciated by the most experienced specialists in the printing industry. Considering our experience of over 15 years, but also the fact that we benefit from a subscription for full support from the ESKO team, we can start any project with confidence. Such involvement of the most trained specialists in the corrugated packaging design industry (including those who develop the software itself), is an important advantage that we can benefit from. Given that, as far as we know, there are no other printing houses in the country that have full support from the ESKO team of technicians, one of the reasons being the high cost for these qualified services, we can confidently approach the most challenging and difficult projects.
The design software for cardboard packaging and custom boxes ESKO ARTIOSCAD 3D, offers a series of functionalities capable of adding value and of course multiple optimizations for cardboard packaging, custom boxes that can be made and implicitly for your company. From all these features and benefits, we consider it useful to highlight:

  • It is possible to design Packaging and Cardboard Boxes perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the products to be packaged and transported, through the functionality of importing and using 3D files (most types of 3D files are accepted). Thus, packaging and boxes with optimized dimensions are obtained (low transport and storage costs), with a correct internal reinforcement and increased protection during transport, so that the products reach the beneficiaries in perfect condition. Based on the three-dimensional dimensions of the products, individual packaging is made, as well as collective packaging, which will dress in the most optimal way the shape of the product. A relevant example could be the realization of the packaging for objects with irregular shapes, such as a car board, where the challenge is to make some elements of reinforcement, stability and protection, for the exact dimensions of the respective product.
  • Human error is eliminated, thanks to the intelligent automatic verification and compensation mode, in coordination with the imported 3D files or the dimensions entered by the designers. Being a software designed and developed especially for the packaging design, the graphic designers only have to introduce the external dimensions of the cardboard packaging or of the customized boxes, the software calculating at each fold how much must be compensated according to the thickness of the cardboard. This avoids the problems often encountered when designing with software such as Corel or other CAD software that does not have such packaging design features or corrugated boxes. Such problems can be translated into reality, through various imperfections, such as: curvature (belly) of the lid or walls of a box, cracks on the edges of a product packaging (being forced to close the carboard), incorrect fixing of the product in the box or of larger packaging than would have been necessary, with multiple implications on the supply chain and others.
  • The duration of the projects decreases dramatically. The current practice involves the work of about 1-2 weeks of a packaging designer, due to software that is not adapted to the design of such products (Corel or Cad architecture). Not being used design and graphic design solutions specially designed and developed for making cardboard packaging and custom boxes, working times are very long and also the appearance of non-conformities and various imperfections are higher. The specialized design and the possibility of making samples in various stages of the development process, create premises for obtaining a package according to all the technical rigors and the visual. In addition, the packaging will be made in a timely manner and according to the creative ideas of the beneficiary, being possible to present 2 or more variants for each project.
  • The cardboard packaging and the personalized boxes can be presented in 3D, video and in augmented reality, being possible even the positioning of the packaging exactly on the shelf of the store where the final product is to be offered for sale. The graphic files of the collective packages and boxes will be able to be visualized in both 2D and 3D dynamic format, which will allow the packaging to be rotated for viewing from all angles. This aspect is very important in the necessary preview for making critical decisions and also for shortening the design and realization times of new packaging and boxes. It is thus possible to eliminate the need to make more mock-ups (samples), which in the case of a classic design would involve additional time and financial resources. In addition, they will be offered in the form of graphic animation and assembly / training instructions by the beneficiary's employees, the way of forming the packaging and personalized boxes. This will make it very easy for the packaging team to efficiently package your products.
  • Exact calculation of the required cardboard and the costs involved depending on the characteristics and productivity of the printing and finishing equipment. Thus, the price quotations will be precise from the design stage and it will be possible to highlight the price optimizations obtained per product.
  • It allows the import of any type of graphic file, so that the design of the packaging captures the attention on the shelf and can be highlighted in front of the products of your competitors. It is possible to control very precisely the positioning of graphic images in relation to the edges, the closing and side areas so that the packaging design is impeccably done. The registration of the graphic design on collective packaging is done exactly, thus eliminating the risk that the visual aspect will be imperfect.
    For a more detailed description of the functionalities of the packaging design software, we invite you to visit:

Cardboard Packaging & Custom Boxes - Types

  • Custom boxes with self-forming (folding boxes)

Self-forming corrugated boxes have the main advantage of low delivery and logistics costs. The personalized packaging will be delivered folded, their formation is being carried out by the beneficiary's operators. The training process is quite easy, the boxes being designed from the design phase in this regard. It will be possible to customize boxes made of natural cardboard, with bleached or recycled faces, regardless of the type of corrugation desired. The personalization can be done by printing directly on the cardboard in a large sheet or it will be possible to print sleeves that will cover the boxes after adding the products.

  • Custom boxes with lid or drawer

Of course, depending on the products you want to pack, you can use the classic boxes with drawers or boxes with lids. Dimensions, cartons and customization will be decided so that perfectly optimized packaging for your products is obtained.

  • Customized boxes for courier transport & refrigerated products

With the accelerated development and penetration of online commerce in more and more fields of activity, there is the challenge of proper packaging of products so that they reach the final recipients in good condition. To solve this type of problem, a series of solutions are designed from the design stage of the customized boxes. Thus, depending on the products to be packaged, internal reinforcements can be created to fix the products much better than simple separating cartons, fixing supports can be created based on the box, double walls can be made for better resistance to the inherent incorrect manipulations by the couriers.
For the efficiency of the packaging processes, the double-sided tape can be applied in the area of closing the boxes, so that the operators can prepare the products more efficiently for the courier but also for the sealing of the boxes to be better done.
They can be digitally customized (both print and stamping) including beverage boxes or other products packaged in glass and isothermal cardboard boxes for refrigerated products. For products that need to reach the recipient frozen, a special honeycomb type cardboard will be added on all the inner sides of the box, which due to the honeycomb interior structure and 45 degree angle joints, will allow the thermal insulation necessary for deliveries made by express courier services. In addition, the advantage of a structure resistant to very high pressures will be obtained, which guarantees the keeping of the products intact until the final delivery address.

  • Custom storage & relocation boxes

Not infrequently we have run into the lack of space and the need for efficient organization of storage areas. By using stackable boxes that offer a good load capacity, good results can be achieved regarding the optimal use of storage spaces (storage capacity can be doubled or even tripled).
The boxes can have multiple functionalities, by using in case of relocation or for archiving documents or books, as well as of course for transport.

  • Large & atypical boxes

For more voluminous products, you can make personalized boxes with larger dimensions than the standard ones, perfectly adapted to products from industries such as furniture, appliances or automotive.
Thus, custom boxes can be made for packaging products with irregular shapes, such as a car dashboard or other parts from the automotive industry. In addition, the customized design will bring the advantage of making interior reinforcements perfectly adapted so that the product stays firm and protected throughout the storage and transport period. The possibilities and technologies of 3D design are presented in detail, above on this page.Thus, custom boxes can be made for packaging products with irregular shapes, such as a car dashboard or other parts from the automotive industry. In addition, the customized design will bring the advantage of making interior reinforcements perfectly adapted so that the product stays firm and protected throughout the storage and transport period. The possibilities and technologies of 3D design are presented in detail, above on this page.

  • Custom crate boxes

With the awareness of the need to use environmentally friendly materials, plastic packaging is increasingly being replaced with corrugated packaging. Thus, for transporting and presenting fruit and vegetables in retail stores, crate-type boxes made of corrugated cardboard are already widely used. The customization possibilities, both in terms of graphic design and in terms of shape, load-bearing structure or handle reinforcement, are much easier in terms of price and design. The cardboard also offers the advantage of the possibility of multifunctional use, as an example being able to consider the boxes for chips, which by applying a breaking perforator can be transformed from the boxes perfectly closed for transport, into display boxes on the shelf.

  • Luxury packaging

For impact packaging in industries such as cosmetics, special shapes can be designed (above complete 3D design details) and / or print finishing finishes can be made such as: metal foil (up to 40 colors available), overprint ( you get an unlimited number of metallic colors), embossing, selective varnish or 3D varnish effect, security holograms, magnetic closure, etc.
You can make packaging products from GC type cardboard or special cardboard (about 500 types of paper and special cardboard - samples available), but also luxury packaging for gifts or various promotions (rigid boxes made by gluing the printed sheets on the cardboard).

Certifications for Cardboard Packaging and Custom Boxes:

FOGRA - represents not only a guarantee of quality, but also a confirmation of the technical level and know-how of the production process used. FOGRA certification details here:
PANTONE - to reproduce and design in the most realistic way the PANTONE and brand colors.
FSC - for certain types of cartons, for which there is traceability of the raw material.

Cardboard Packaging & Custom Boxes - Industries

  • Food (snacks, sweets, pastries)
  • Drinks (juices, coffee, tea, alcohol)
  • Cigarettes (tobacco, electronic cigarettes)
  • Perfumes (eau de toilette, eau de parfum)
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants)
  • Beauty products (creams, solutions)
  • Auto-motorcycle products
  • Brochures and catalogs (for company presentation)
  • Gadgets (hoverboard, drone)
  • Electronic products (phone, tablet, laptop)
  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaner, iron)
    By choosing to customize cardboard packaging and / or custom boxes you will create the prerequisites for increasing the conversion rate on the shelf and attracting new customers. Creativity will not be limited by design possibilities or technical equipment.

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