Fully Printed Agendas

Fully printed agendas offers a better image of the information presented in the interior of the agenda, they ensure a better highlighting of brand values, offering multiple personalization possibilities, event printing your own images, printing your detailed information, special finishes like selective lacquering, hidden spiral binding, third cover used as bookmark. You can also choose to use special papers, which represent a personalization in itself, special format or special cuts for the first cover.

Fully printed agendas - technical specifications

Fully printed agendas can have any number of pages, as opposed to standard pre-printed agendas, which have a fixed number of pages. This way you can optimize your costs and also the size of the agendas, making them more practical. You can even personalize the entire un-dated interior, the layout and the printed information. This way your company logo can be seen every day, because is printed on every page of the agenda.

The fully printed agendas allow you to insert a special message addressed to the beneficiary on the leaf inserted at the beginning of the agenda by the instrumentality of the variable data digital printing service. This way every fully printed agenda could have a different personalized message for every beneficiary. These leafs labeled with various messages can be inserted also at the end of the fully printed agenda, or at the beginning of one chapter. This way two or more messages can be delivered – you can present a complete commercial offer, promoting all your products and services.

The fully printed agendas will have the covers printed with the desired graphic design. The interior of the agenda will also be personalized according to the desired graphic creation. The pages from the beginning of the agenda, the ones offering useful information can be also personalized, as well as the maps and/or the pages from the end of the agenda. The covers of the fully printed agendas could have special finishes like UV selective lacquering, hidden spiral binding, interrupted spiral binding. Also, the fully printed agendas could have atypical formats or sizes, but the interior will not be dated, because the final costs would be too high.

Fully Printed Agendas Special Offers

Our fully personalized 2020 agendas offers includes discounts for payment method, for number of copies ordered, for ordering related products such as calendars, premium pens, holidays gift baskets and other promotional products, etc.

For an effective impact, for important clients we suggest that each fully personalized agenda should came with a premium pen like SENATOR (made in Germany - price from 0,55 euro+TVA), PRODIR (made in Switzerland - price from 0,70 euro+TVA), or luxury pen from a famous brand like CERRUTI, UNGARO, CACHAREL, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, HUGO BOSS, with prices starting from 11,87 Euro plus TVA (Download Pen Catalogue that are in stock).

For your company management and for your bigger customers we recommend natural leather agendas. For the complete offer please visit our Natural Leather Agenda section!!

We recurrently make extra offers like one free calendar for each agenda, discounts of 10 to 15%, holidays gift baskets or Senator premium pens for orders of over 1000 agendas, etc.

To see the available offers for economic agendas please visit the Personalized Agenda Offers section!

To see all available offers please visit the OFFERS section!


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