Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a component of marketing by requiring understanding of how search algorithms work and what visitors are looking for in order to establish a match with the sites that offer what they are looking for. Certain SEO techniques may involve optimizing site encoding without making visible changes for visitors, such as site structure hierarchy, avoiding or resolving issues that might block search engines from fully indexing the site. Other more visible efforts would be to include unique content that is easily indexed and extracted from websites.

Correct optimization of a site leads to a better presence in the search engines of relevant user searches related to the information, services or products presented on the site. This leads to more visitors, more interested people and more sales. But this is not everything SEO does, its impact being much larger and more beneficial.

SEO - main stages

1.Analyzing and compiling a SEO strategy:

At this stage, the specialists perform the research needed to develop the SEO strategy by using specific tools to search for and identify the most representative keywords for your company, and conduct a market study on competition and their strategy.

2.Professional site review:

The site will be reviewed for structure and content review through various specialized tools that can identify different errors or problems both in programming and in the structure of the site; the next step being to solve these problems by the team of specialists.

In terms of content review, the following are sought: accuracy, originality, usefulness, page structure, factors that can favorably / unfavorably influence the SEO optimization process. It is also provided support for understanding how the content should be created so that it can later be a strength.

3.The actual implementation of the SEO strategy:

The basis of a successful SEO strategy is making the campaign right, which consists in directing as many links as possible to your site, bringing a number of benefits to it. The quality of the content in your site, especially the usefulness of the content, will have a direct impact on the visitors, from this point will be formed a pyramid at the top of which your company will be positioned, then visitors happy with the resources provided by your site. they will turn into satisfied customers, which will bring new clients, thus contributing through recommendations to your business promotion.

4.Generating reports and statistics:

Following the application of the SEO strategy, we can observe its effect from the point of view of traffic and the increase in the position of the search engine results through reports and statistics generated monthly to our clients; the advantage of monthly reports being to highlight the gradual increase from one month to the next or the necessary improvements to be made to increase optimization efficiency.

In optimization work, all efforts are directed towards placing your site among the first search engine results, which will lead to more visitors on your site and further to a larger number of customers. Statistics in this area estimate that 99% of visitors will access the first page of the specific search results, while 97% of visitors will only get the first 3 results, considering them to be enough to create themselves a clear view of the market of interest.

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