Printed Paper Bags

The bags are personalized from the moment of printing the paper foils that are made of. Personalizing the paper bags event from the printing stage is recommended if your graphic design has a big color covering pattern or if the design is too finicky or implies the use of special colors (silver, gold, Pantone). It is also recommended if the design reaches the margins of the printed paper bag.

Printed paper bags - advantages

We can use offset printing to personalize your paper bags. This way you can get atypical shape or size paper bags - these bags can also represent a way to reinforce the visual identity of your brand or company. You can also choose special papers, textured, natur, mass-colored, etc., special finishes (matte or glossy plasticization, selective lacquering, embossing, reinforced handles, reinforced bottom, etc.), which will help you create uniqueness and will draw attention to those personalized paper bags. You can also choose different color strings for the paper bags you order. The printed paper bags can be ordered with a buffer stock only if the bags that remain in stock are also paid. For printed paper bags that already are in stock the delivery term is one day. The minimum circulation for personalized printed paper bags is 200 pieces per order.

Personalized bags

The ready-made paper bags can be digitally personalized - black&white or color print. We can personalize even small circulations - 10 - 20 bags per order. The digital personalization of the bags is recommended in case of a simple graphic model like a logo and or some contact details. For digitally personalized paper bags we have no minimum circulation per order policy.

Personalized paper bags - sizes

All standard sized paper bags can be personalized. For personalized printed bags the siye can be decided according to the desired graphic design.

Personalized paper bags - useful information

In order to make the right decision when you choose a paper bag you need, you have to consider the following:

- the weight of the inserts (the paper bag should be fit according to the weight of the materials that will be put inside it);

- the volume of the inserts (the personalized paper bag could be needing a bellows if its used for bulky materials);

- the useful life (is important to decide, even before you launch the order, if the personalized bag will be re-used);

- if the graphic design includes full-surface (100% color covering) the personalized paper bags should be plasticized, otherwise the “cracked print” effect could appear in the areas where the bags are bended.

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